Lake Como Welcomes You

Welcome to the official online Lake Como guide for English-speaking visitors.

There are few places on earth like Lake Como, Italy where anyone can have breakfast on a big patio overlooking the lake, devote a couple of hours waterskiing before hiking up the mountains, take out your boat to Bellagio for a beautiful day stroll before hitting another coast for an aperitif in Menaggio, and then get back home in time to see a magnificent sunset for supper. It’s accessibility to Lake Como’s life-style that thousands of visitors crave when they come to visit the region each year.

Lake Como 2011


The idyllic environment found at Lake Como is the perfect one for tourists from all around the globe. Among the huge appeal of Lake Como attractions lies in its many villa gardens that line its coasts. These go all the way back to two significant time periods from history that started to mark the growth of Lake Como as a vacationer resort. There are many vacation rentals that lie very close these major historic points of interest. Firstly, the Renaissance era were famous for creating gardens that had a distinctive taste that reflected the character of that period. Then in the Nineteenth Century, the English added a new dimension to them with their flair for wild beauty and by introducting new species flowers and plants not endemic to the area.

Lake Como, Italy is often valued because of its attractiveness and singularity for periods, and also as early as the Roman Occasions. Natural milieu and its setting have already been the inspiration for a significant area of the establishment of Naboo, in the Star Wars films. Many Como vacation packages take advantage of such fun-filled themes to give their visitors a true action-packed adventure.

Getting around Lake Como

The Western two-thirds of the lake’s shores go along peaceful high-level footpaths overlooking the lake. The eastern third is mainly lakefront, providing you with an opportunity to view the splendid villas on the other side. A highly charming route runs from Colonno to Cadenabbia, just before Griante, in which many people decide to walk. When you own an automobile, it’s recommended to park at Griante or Colonno and consider taking the local-bus (C-10) to other parts of the lake. Tickets for the bus are purchased in local newsagents stores.

A few things you will definitely not want to miss…

Many tourists love taking a ship ride along the lake shores to see the gorgeous private villas and gardens – many of which can be closed to the general public. This is one of the best and least expensive ways to visit the glory that Lake Como has to offer. Wealthier guests may even ponder remaining a night or longer in the Villa D’Este, the renowned lakeside resort and residence of the wealthy and famous who visit the Como Lake.

The highly opulent 16th century villa, Villa D’Este, is among the most luxurious of resorts in Italy. It is rated by some businesses as the finest resort on the planet. Both these hotels are rated on top of the listing for spa hotels in Europe by Conde Nast and Vacation and Leisure publications.

Bellagio is Lake Como’s most popular town to visit. Its boating region is a starting-point for bicycle rides across the lake and for a myriad of watersports. The town has many remarkably coloured buildings rising up over the water, all stacked up the hill. Bellagio is one of those charming towns you should really look into – a pleasant town to simply unwind in. It has many identical small side streets that go right up the hill, but there are stores lining every street should you wish to obtain a lovely silk scarf. Much of the silk is generated in town of Como in the southern end-of the lake, thus the title Como Silk.

Piazza San Rocco is a well-known destination for travellers who adore the outside. The route finishes at a small beach ideal for swimming and recreation, which is among the few public shorelines open to visitors and locals. The substantial villas dotting the lake frequently have private beaches which you cannot see without permission, yet this public shore provides wonderful facilities and precisely the same views.

As a side note…

For those who prefer a more cosmopolitan town, Como is the chief commercial town of the lake. There you’ll find a highly central railway station that extends down to the lake shoreline via slim cobble roads that wind themselves so magnificently.


In case you’re thinking of driving in Lake Como…

The driving routes around the lake may often be overwhelmed and overcrowded, especially on weekends, with Italian and German visitors which can make it tough for the vacationer looking to get a relaxing holiday. In case you go in the summertime, definitely strive to use the water transportation as much as possible in order to avoid delays and also to appreciate the real beauty and serenity of Lake Como.