Bellagio Italy

Bellagio Italy…
The Most Famous Resort Town on Lake Como

Bellagio, Italy has been called the pearl of Lake Como and some have even gone as far as calling it the most beautiful town in Europe.

Sure, there are many wonderful, getaway places where you could take your loved ones this summer. But which place allows one to truly relax while soaking in panoramic, scenic views and allows you to experience exciting watersport activities, if needed. Such a peaceful place does exist in Bellagio.

Indeed, its superb location in between the two ‘legs’ of Como Italy and Lecco and its mild climate year-round have enchanted the famous and the wealthy for centuries.

In fact, we got to see one of the most amazing panoramas of the entire lake from the top of Villa Serbelloni’s exquisite park…ranging from the Alps to the north all the way to the small towns scattered all over the western and eastern shores of Lake Como.


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Whether it is peace and tranquility you are after, or romantic walks through stepped alleyways and English gardens, or dining in exquisite restaurants, or perhaps you are more in the mood for exciting water sports and winter skiing…the list goes on…you are sure to find it here. It’s no surprise then that the Rockefeller Center holds many of its important conferences here!

It is especially popular with American tourists after the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas. Although both are very famous, the two are entirely different from each other in every way!

Getting Here

Medieval StepsBy bus: There is a bus from Milan’s Malpensa airport – the C250 – which can get you to Como. Then from the central bus station, you can take the C30 to Bellagio Italy. Bus schedules at

By train: The Malpensa Express runs from Milan’s Malpensa Airport to the Como Nord Lago station from which you can either get on the C30 bus mentioned above or get on a ferry (see below)…

From Bergamo, you can take a train to Varenna (with a change in Lecco) and then take a ferry (see below) to Bellagio Italy.

By ferry: From Como’s harbor (close to the Como Nord Lago station) there are fast and slow boats which can take you directly to Bellagio. Schedules at There is also a car-ferry service between Bellagio and the towns of Varenna and Cadenabbia. You can also buy an unlimited ferry ticket for the central lake region…a great value to explore the other towns!

Getting here by car

Printable maps of Bellagio

Bellagio Video

A Sample Day…

Flowering with some of Italy’s most precious parks and villas, we enjoyed starting the day with long walks through Bellagio’s magical gardens and lakeside promenades.

It seemed like everywhere we turned, we stumbled across yet another picture-perfect, postcard-quality scene.

When our legs couldn’t take all that walking up and down the hills anymore, there were ample benches to sit down on with splendid views of the lake.

You could also get your daily dose of people-watching this way…my favorite hobby!

After some rest, return to town and try some delicious fresh fish from the lake or stop by one of the wine-tasting bars to sample the local wines. Italy travel vacations can’t possibly be better than this!

By night, Bellagio turns into lover’s lane, with honeymooners and other happy couples rekindling their passions while holding hands under a moonlit sky.

The famous composer Franz Liszt once said during his stay at nearby Villa Melzi:

“When you write the story of two happy lovers, place them on the shores of Lake Como.”

…Where Should I Stay?

Grand HotelBellagio caters more towards the high-end traveler, with its pricey hotels and other forms of accommodation. But there are also lovely family-run establishments in the center of town that can provide you with an excellent deal.

Right on the lake with classic old-world charm, the elegant Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni is the only 5-star hotel in Bellagio Italy. Surrounded by a romantic garden, you can feel right at home with the wide range of services such as an indoor pool, gym and spa.

A much more affordable option is the family-run 3-star Hotel Centrale with warm service and quiet rooms. It doesn’t have direct lake views and you have to carry your luggage up a little alley to get there, but the warm hospitality of the owner Giacomo and his family more than make up for it.

Places to Eat…


Stimulate your appetite a little more by tasting some of Bellagio’s local wines. The bartender will give you some recommendations on the best ones available and for about 5 Euros you can taste the cream of the crop.

Also be sure to try some vino spumante – or sparkling wine (not to be confused with champagne) which is a wine with significant levels of carbon dioxide that makes it fizzy.

Bellagio Point located in the upper part of the historical center is a nice choice and even serves from hand-painted bottles.

For great meals that don’t strain your wallet, try the local trattorias located in the upper part of the town by following the steps up from the lake.

One such place is the renowned Trattoria San Giacomo, family-run since 1973. Be sure to try some of the fresh fish from the lake such as agoni, trout, lavarello and misultitt.


Things To Do

Row-boating Nearby San Giovanni is home to a world-famous row boating club called Unione Sportiva Bellagina.

Entertainment. Bellagio Italy is abundant in many live concerts of local and international artists which take place in the various churches.

Explore Gardens and Churches Enjoy rare and exotic plants from splendid English-style gardens and parks. There are also water-taxi services which can provide you with excellent views of the many picturesque villas from the lake.

Two must-see villas are Villa Serbelloni located on the hill right above Bellagio with splendid views of the entire lake and Villa Melzi located right on the lake to the right of the ferry harbor.

Check out our Villas section for more info on these beautiful villas

The St. James Basilica can be reached by a short walk up through one of the cobblestoned alleyways. It is famous for its Romanesque exterior and gold-accented interior.

Basilica San Giacomo

Panoramic view from the top of Bellagio’s Promontory overlooking Varenna…

Back view of the stunning Neo-Classical Villa Melzi…

The hills sweep upward from the shore,
Whith villas scatter?d one by one
Upon their wooded spurs, and lower
Bellagio blazing in the sun (?)
I ask myself: Is this a dream?
Will it all vanish into air?
Is there a land of such supreme
And perfect beauty anywhere?

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