Thriving Tourism in Lake Como Italy

Bellano is a small town on the eastern shore of this Italy lake that has always stimulated our curiosity.

We passed by it many times by train while commuting between various towns on the Eastern shores of the lake. Just before reaching the train station traveling from the north, you may notice the Orrido di Bellano – an amazing gorge with streams of running water right after the train exits the tunnel. More on that in a second…

The town is not nearly as heavily touristed as nearby Varenna. But you may catch the occasional tourist who was sent here due to all the hotels in Varenna being overbooked! And what a feast it was to finally take the time and visit this beautiful town…

Bellano Italy is a really pleasant town in the middle of the Como lake. Just another one of the many pearls in Lake Como and among the most wonderful spots to visit in northern Italy! Bellano is positioned very close to Bellagio, so you will be able to benefit from the tranquillity of a smaller town, while still be within strolling distance of most necessary services.

Gabbiano near Bellano Italy The town isn’t crazily touristed as near-by Varenna or Bellagio. However, you could get the casual tourist who had been sent here, when all of the resorts in Varenna or Bellagio are sold-out! And that is not always bad news, as you could have an extraordinary stay in this town.

You will immediately notice some lovely, elaborate houses right on the lake and also a good ship-dock with a lengthy promenade. When your boat approaches the tranquil coastline of Bellano, take note of the many interesting, tall trees. You’ll also have no troubles locating a quiet seat beneath the trees that supply you with a splendid panoramic view of the western shorelines of the lake. The shade is an added bonus throughout the summertime!

Getting Here

Bellano Dock

From Milano, you can take a train to Como and then take the C10 bus to Menaggio. From Menaggio, take the ferry to Varenna. And then take either the bus or train to Bellano. There is also a ferry from Varenna to Bellano but does not run very often.

From Bergamo, you can take a direct train with a change in Lecco.

By car

Printable maps of Bellano

Bellano Video

…From Peaceful Shores…

As our boat approached the quiet shoreline of Bellano, we saw some beautiful, ornate houses right on the lake and a nice harbor with a long promenade, all lined up with tall trees. Even though it was summer, we had no problems finding a quiet bench under the trees that provided some cool shade and a wonderful panoramic view of the western shores of the lake.

Not far from the ferry station (just make a right and walk along the promenade) you will come across an incredible beach with clean sand and amazing views. On a sunny, summer day, you may wonder if you are not somewhere in Hawaii – what a way to spend your vacation in Italy!

Bellano Beach

This amazing view had stimulated our appetite for some fresh Italian cuisine. Not knowing a single place for food in this area, we took a risk and followed one of the signs to a local pizzeria.

…To Great Eateries…

Lake Como Restaurants

At 3PM we were so starving and ready for a late lunch, but realized that most places would be closed at this time for their regular siesta.

After a short walk through a maze of narrow passageways, we arrived at the Il Cantinone pizzeria.

A quick look at the menu revealed 45 different types of pizza to choose from! Your pizza can include anything from artichoke to

I ordered the one with ‘funghi’ containing delicious mushrooms from the area. It is here I learned about my new favorite kind of mushroom called chiodino. They are tiny with rather long stems but soooo good, and I just had to ask about them.

…And Lakeview Hotels

There are a few lovely hotels right on the lake with spotless clean rooms and great restaurants.

You are likely to get a room with a view of the lake and even a private balcony for cheaper then you would have to pay in nearby Varenna, Bellagio or Menaggio.

There is the Hotel Meridiano, right on the lake with very friendly owners and a lovely gated entrance and Hotel Villa Stupenda is located higher up with great views of the lake.

There’s a wonderful variety of accommodation in Bellano, Italy to make sure your visit meets your anticipations. Many interesting areas, each with a unique feeling, are simply waiting to be found throughout the town. The town has several interests things to visit due to its interesting past, provocative present and enjoyable future. There are also so many activities one can do besides leisurely walking, so you may choose to remain an additional week to encounter them all. So you are able to take pleasure in an ideal stay, we have supplied professional reviews and evaluations of all resorts in Bellano, rated by people like yourself.

A typcial Bellano hotel includes an equipped patio that features a bird’s eye view of Lake Como and has many Eateries and stores nearby. It can include a flat screen TV, washer and refrigerator. Many family-run hotels in Bellano Italy also have tiled floorings and contemporary furniture.

The Famous Bellano Gorge

Bellano Gorge

Upon arriving, we immediately spotted the signs for the famous Orrido di Bellano or the Gorge of Bellano. It could also be nicknamed the ‘little Grand Canyon of Lake Como’ since it was also formed by millions of years of erosion.

Similar to other towns by the lake, it is built on a hill so get ready for some alpine walking if you want to get to that gorge.

Fortunately it is not far…it took us about 8 minutes by foot from the boat harbor while walking through narrow streets lined with small shops, climbing sets of cobble-stoned stairs and passing through several interesting medieval churches.

The gorge was created after 15 million years of water erosion formed a deep ravine in the mountain.

Visitors can get a spectacular inside-view of the gorge thanks to narrow platforms fixed in the rock. It is spectacular to walk past the waterfalls and enjoy breathtaking views of the sparkling running water, rich vegetation and caves spread throughout the gorge.
Orrido dei BellanoThe Orrido di Bellagno may be nicknamed the ‘small Grand Canyon of Lake Como’ because it was also formed by erosion.

The gorge was made after a deep ravine was shaped by 15-million years of water erosion in the mountain. Visitors may get a stunning interior-see of the gorge due to the mysterious, narrow pathways fixed in the stone. It’s stunning to wander past the waterfalls and relish breathtaking vistas of the glowing running water. Pay special attention to the abundant plant life distributed throughout the gorge.

Much like other cities by the lake, it can be found on a hill. So if you want to get there prepare yourself for a little bit of alpine walking.

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