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Lake Como, Italy weather is mild all year round. Compared to other regions in Central Europe, Lake Como is renowned for its superb Mediterranean-like climate where tropical and sub-tropical plants can grow year-round.

Italian weather is famed for its mild temperatures and balmy, Mediterranean sunshine. Winters are never very harsh and summers are never scalding hot.

During my first days in this Italian lake I had asked my friend, “Do palm trees grow here year round?”

He gave me a resound “Yes!”

I naively asked again…”Even in the winter?

He gave me another “Yes!”

Lake Como Italy weather is considered a micro-climate – a kind of cross between Mediterranean and sub-tropical climates.

It is renowned for its moderate winters and hot, generally dry summers. Palm trees actually survive year-round, a symbol of Lake Como’s sub-tropical climate and other beautiful plants such as camellias and magnolias also survive the winter months.

Lake Como Italy Weather

Real-Time Lake Como Italy Weather Details and Statistics

Sunday 08/300%
Clear. Low 19C.
Tomorrow 08/310%
A mainly sunny sky. High 32C. Winds light and variable.
Tuesday 09/010%
Abundant sunshine. High around 30C. Winds light and variable.
Wednesday 09/02100%
Thunderstorms. High near 25C. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 100%.
Thursday 09/0380%
Showers and thunderstorms. High 26C. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 80%.
Friday 09/0490%
Showers and thunderstorms. High 22C. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 90%.

Temperatures and Best Times to Visit

Lake Como Sunset

There are pros and cons to each season…

July and August are the hottest months, where temperatures reach the 30s (85 degrees Fahrenheit) and have the greatest number of tourists. This is a pleasant time to go to the beach and enjoy the cool breezes. Also, water temperatures are ideal for many sports. July is also one of the driest months of the year.

But as is typical with Mediterranean climates, don’t forget to bring a jacket for the cool nights where temperatures can drop to 15 degrees (60 degrees Fahrenheit)!

The spring and autumn months such as May and October also have pleasant, mild temperatures but experience the most torrential rainfalls.

The Winter months (November to March) get quite cold and invite few tourists. Snow can occur although it is rare and usually hits the higher elevations. The lake is very clear and beautiful in the winter, and accommodation is much cheaper than in the high season – but many tourist attractions also tend to close during this time.

A unique feature of this lake occurs when its waters absorb the sun’s heat during the summer only to release it during the winter. The tall mountains that surround the lake also act as an insulation that aid this process. Lake Como, Italy weather is blessed with a mild climate year-round as a result.

Indeed, all along the lake you will notice many species of sub-tropical and even tropical plants like camellias, azaleas. rhododendrons, magnolias, palm trees and cypress trees.

On the top right hand corner, you can see the current temperature for the Lake Como region. You will sometimes notice that the south can be a few degrees warmer than the north. The north can also get more precipitation due to its closer proximity to the Alps mountain range.

The Best Times to Visit Lake Como

There isn’t really a ‘best time’ to visit Lake Como as there is much one can do year round. There are advantages and disadvantages to every season as highlighted below. All in all, the Mediterranean aspect of Lake Como Italy weather allows for relatively mild temperatures year-round as the sun heats up the lake in the summer, only to be released during the winter.

If you are looking for the mildest temperatures, be sure to visit in May or October (the spring/autumn seasons). As pleasant as these months can be temperature-wise, do note that these months can also receive the greatest amount of rainfall, which can mean staying indoors.

The summer months can be very hot and dry. These are good months to spend at the beach or doing water sports such as windsurfing. Temperatures can even reach the mid-30s (85-90 degrees Fahrenheit). The winter months get rather cold, although snow is a hit or miss. Some years have seen a lot of snow, other less. But never be afraid of bitterly cold temperatures, that rarely every happens in Lake Como.

Lake Como Italy Weather – Winds

Sailing and windsurfing are very popular sport activities in Lake Como. The wind conditions, although sometimes a little too strong and even dangerous, can actually be quite ideal due to the positioning of the mountains around the lake. It takes time to get a hang of the winds at Lake Como.

Lake Como WindsurfingDid you know that Lake Como hosts international windsurfing competitions?

I didn’t know myself until I traveled to the northern shores of the lake in Domaso and saw hundreds of windsurfers likes ducks in a pond, with boards of all shapes, colors and sizes.

The lake has ideal wind conditions for this sport due to the numerous valleys which divide up the mountains by the lake and allow a great variety of air currents to circulate the waters.

However, the intensity of these currents vary incredibly as a relatively still situation can suddenly turn into a turbulent one. This make sports like sailing on the lake quite tricky.

According to one legend, a few locals have told me that there are even whirlpools in the lake that have gobbled up unfortunate sailors. But who knows if this is really true. At least there are no monsters like the lochness in the lake – or nobody has mentioned anything to me yet!

Click here to read more detailed information about wind conditions in Lake Como

In the summer, the heat is never unbearable as the water provides cool breezes. In the winter, the lake has a warming effect due to absorption from the sun and snow generally affects the higher elevations. Temperatures can vary slightly between northern and southern sections of the lake, with the southern section sometimes 1-2 degrees C. warmer.

Below are a few graphs which display average temperatures, hours of sunshine and precipitation including a handy little calculator to convert to your measurement of preference. Remember that the numbers on these graphs are only averages based on many years of historical data and should not be taken too literally.

We have found temperatures have become increasingly warmer over the years – much warmer than the ones displayed on the following chart. In fact, the winter of 2006 could barely even be called a winter at all.

Como Weather Statistics – Air Temperatures

Average Monthly Temperatures in Fahrenheit

Lake Como Weather Monthly Temperatures

Source: The Weather Channel

Average Number of Hours of Sunshine Daily
Lake Como Italy Weather Average Daily Sunshine

Lake Como Average Monthly Rainfall

Source: The Weather Channel


Water Temperatures


Average Monthly Water Temperatures in Celsius
Lake Como Monthly water Temperatures

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

Source: RSGB/NOAAl

Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Sailboating?…Click here to learn more about Lake Como, Italy wind conditions

Lake Como Italy weather is typically mild. It’s known for its Mediterranean-like climate where tropical and sub tropical plants can grow year-round. In the wintertime, the lake helps to maintain a higher temperature in the surrounding area. Typical daily temperatures vary from about 1 C (34 °F) in January to 32 C (84 °F)in July. Water temperatures can reach an average of 25 C (76 °F)during the month of July. This is usually also the driest month of the year. Snowfall is inconsistent and mainly influence the higher levels of altitude. Rainfall is heaviest in the month of April and May and lowest during the winter months.

Lake Como

Lake Como Italy Weather Forecasts

The good news is the fact that because the lake’s weather remains fairly average year-round, you’re not likely to be put through terribly fierce winds or nasty rainfalls if you’re visiting in winter months. The entire area actually has a micro-climate of its own that many people will classify it as sub-tropical. Many beautiful plants grow as a result of this, such as azaleas and rhododendrons during the spring season months. You will even find palm trees growing here!

It also seems as if the warm summer months absorb a lot of sunshine in order to make the winter months more manageable. The tall mountains that surround the lake make this process all the more efficient. Keep reading on to learn more about how you can make the most of this mild, ‘sub-tropical’, ‘sub-Mediterranean’ climate…

Planning your Lake Como excursion for the slower seasons can save you a bundle, particularly in the popular towns such as those right by the lake – Menaggio, Bellagio and Varenna. Yes, they’re likely to be relatively busy all year-long, but visiting Lake Como in January will cost much less than the exact same trip itinerary in August. And should you remain in among the lesser-known lakeside towns instead, you can save much more in the gradual season.

Taking Advantage of Lake Como Italy Weather

Locals and visitors alike love kite surfing, sailing and wind-surfing, which is perfect for the active older family. Your waterfront property in Lake Como allows you easy access to savour boating and fishing. Many locals will tell you that the fishing from Lake Como is some of the best you will experience anywhere in the world. It’s possible to head out of your property in the morning, enjoy fishing all afternoon, and provide your catch house in time for dinner in the amazing Italian twilight. Notice that you’ll require a fishing license from your provincial office before you go out.Click here to also learn about the wind conditions in Lake Como, which are particularly favourable with windsurfers.

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