Favorite Towns in Lake Como Italy

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Each town in Lake Como Italy is charming and beautiful in its own way.

We’ve really enjoyed taking the scenic coastal drive, which still follows the ancient Roman route and can take you around the entire lake, hopping from town to town.

What To Do in Lake Como Italy

Explore the many elegant villas with their lovely gardens or stop and grab a bite to eat at any of the numerous restaurants and bars.

If you had to ask for the best place to start, I would say that most people arriving into the lake usually start their visit with the three most popular towns – Bellagio Italy, Menaggio and Varenna. They are conveniently located next to each other by a short ferry ride.

#1 Bellagio – ‘Most Famous’

a view from the lakeBellagio is the most famous town on the entire Lake of Como. Its spectacular location at the junction of the arms of the lake offers the visitor breathtaking views. You can walk through a maze of cobblestone streets, and stepped alleyways that take you back into medieval times.

And be sure hang on to your wallet, because you will be shopping here before you even know it!

Shopping here is a real treat…you can find rare items and handicrafts made by local craftsmen not found anywhere else in Italy or Lake Como itself.

We’ve met people from many, many different nationalities here, although it seems that Americans are greatest in number. It must be due to that Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, although there is no connection between the two! (Sorry, there are no casinos in Bellagio Italy)

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#2 Menaggio – ‘A Fairytale’

MenaggioA short walk along Menaggio’s lakeside promenade is like a fairytale from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Spotted with ornate villas and houses, you can also get amazing views of Bellagio and Varenna from a distance. However, the upper part of the town is entirely different still, preserving the remains of medieval ruins with the original castle walls still viewable to the public.

It is a very popular tourist resort especially popular with British visitors, as well as a commercial center. You can think of it as the dividing point between the more populated southern and less populated northern parts of the lake.

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#3 Varenna – ‘Quaint and Rustic’

Varenna Lake Como Italy You enter a whole new world altogether as the ferry boat approaches Varenna on the eastern shores of Lake Como Italy. You are greeted by a charming set of narrow houses, unfolding themselves over a small beach lined with many boats.

You may be tempted to grab a boat and go fishing, but instead you can immediately try some of the delicious fresh fish found in one of the local trattorias.

Lake Como Italy is a magnificent lake shaped like an inverted Y with many little hamlets along its coasts. While Bellagio is the most charming town on the entire lake, you will most likely come through Como if you are arriving from Milan Malpensa or Milan Linate airports. The journey from Milan to Como is only 40 minutes from Milan and highly economical, making it an amazing day trip.

Lake Como ItalyWhat’s preventing you from getting to Lake Como Italy? Some people talk about the high cost of accommodation or the potential turmoil of having to reserve a resort? But don’t stress out over this, since you’ll discover that there is in fact a very wide range of accommodation available all along the lake.

Lake Como Italy Accommodations

There is always a large number of suppliers offer quality accommodations and Lake Como vacation packages which allow you to locate discount resorts, budget lodging, and affordable stays. In Lake Como Italy there is always a hotel or apartment for every kind of budget, if not an entire villa. Another method of dealing with a low budget in Italy is to use the excellent public transportation whenever you can. Italy is well-known for its far-reaching railway system among high quality bus transfers.

Some people prefer to rent any one of the beautiful Lake Como villas as opposed to hotel rooms on their holidays. Part of going on holidays is to put yourself in a position to unwind and appreciate your surroundings. Some people just find a small hotel room too claustrophobic! Some people don’t find this to be quite exciting in any way. A villa rental in Lake Como Italy can give you along with your family an opportunity to enjoy the utmost of comforts while on holiday.

Another method of conserving money without compromising on quality will be to opt for an off-season holiday. The finest off-period month to see Italy is September. Among the plus purposes of visiting Italy during the off-season is that one can roam about without running into large crowds of visitors. Resort rates per night are also much more cost-effective during these months.

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como Italy has a plethora of artwork, culinary art, fine restaurants, and cultural activities. After seeing this amazing area and feeling its serene, romantic atmosphere, certainly, you may enjoy visiting it. The natural and spiritual part of Italy’s lifestyle is Olympian to say the least – Lake Como Italy magically enchants everyone with its charm and grandeur.

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