The Best of Lake Como Restaurants

Let us recommend you some of our favorite Lake Como restaurants on this page. Read on for a brief introduction to dining in the Lake Como area or jump to our virtual tour.

A Lake Como restaurant is more than just a place to eat your meal…in fact, it could become more like your sanctuary…a place where you let your thought float away…

…where you can enjoy stimulating and relaxing conversations with other people…

…and where happy and cheerful waitors cater to your every need.

After a while you will notice that many Lake Como restaurants offer the same types of dishes but each restaurant will try and give it a different twist. For example, a risotto con funghi will never taste exactly the same in each restaurant nor will a sweet encounter with a tiramisu.

In our opinion, the antipasti or appetizers are where Italian restaurants truly excel. Small plates of salami together with melon, or a dish of misultitt fish can really put a smile on your face. Often times they cost almost as much as the main dish, so you may want to split it with your partner or spouse.

Trattorias are just as common in Lake Como. They differ slightly with restaurants in that they are usually family-owned and have slightly cheaper prices. Sometimes English may not be spoken and you may see a limited menu, handwritten on paper. But don’t let that distract you…the quality of food in these trattorias is exceptional and often times on-par with world-class restaurants.

Lake Como RestaurantsIf you’re just looking for cheap eats, such as an light meal in the middle of the day before your afternoon walks, you may grab a warm dish at one of the bars or a panino sandwich made with a variety of fresh local ingredients. The quality of food is not always great in these places, and you’ll notice that Italians mainly use them to get their morning cappuccinos or afternoon espressos which are of excellent quality. We’ve discovered that the bars right on the lake can be excellent for drinks, but of poor quality when it comes to food. Also, many times you get free munchies when you order a drink…so that may be enough for some people to count as a full meal!

A Tour of the Best Lake Como Restaurants

Almost all restaurants in Lake Como are quintessentially Italian. Everything from the smiles on the faces of the waitors/waitresses, to the ornate decor of the interiors spells "Italian". Although a few restaurants in Como and a few hotels on the lake offer international cuisine, we highly recommend trying out some of the regional recipes. You can use our hotel directory to browse through all the hotels offering restaurants in Lake Como.


Many of the trattorias will provide you with the kind of delicious food your grandmother would have made. These small, family-run locales will put special care in to making sure your visit is extra-special. However, because the food is as close to home-cooking as possible, the quality can vary immensely from day to day. One day, your pasta will taste super, yet the next day it may be grossly over-salted. As for snacks, The Pasticerria Monti (Piazza Cavour 21, Como), is a bar/cafe located on the busy piazza and is a favorite place for grabbing a gelato or tasty sandwich.

TaglioniIf you are looking for a very classy place to spend a romantic evening, and spending a lot of money is not an issue try the La Colombetta (Via Diaz 40, Como). You can get healthy dishes serving rare lobster specialties.

The average price without wine will come to about 45 EUR per person.

Bellagio Restaurants

La Grotta (Salita Cernaia 14, Bellagio) is where we love to eat our pizzas. They are some of the best we’ve had in our life and my mom usually dislikes eating pizza! Also, many people come to try the fresh fish from the lake such as trout and lavarello – the menu is quite wide so you may have trouble choosing which one to start with. Prices are very reasonable for what you get.

A much more pricey option, is the Risorante Barchetta (Salita Mella 13, Bellagio) which serves delicious twists on the local traditions. Here, you can also get fresh fish such as local perch or angler fish.

Our favorite in Bellagio is actually a little distance from Bellagio (2km), but they organize a little buggy to help you get there. It is the Ristorante da Silvio (12 Via Carcano, Bellagio) which catches its seafood daily and has an outdoor bamboo terrace overlooking the lake. The pike-stuffed ravioli was mouth-watering.


For some very fine traditional cuisine, you must eat at least once at the Vecchia Varenna (Contrada Scoscesa 10, Varenna) for a romantic meal right at the edge of the lake. They combine traditional cooking with fresh ingredients including fish from the lake and herbs from the mountains. The risotto con funghi was exceptional.

Our eatery suggestions for Lake Como restaurants are by locals (which should understand where it tastes best!), celebs, globe-trotters and business people. And in case you have consumed in any of these restaurants in Lake Como where cuisine, service and setting was unbeatable.

Lake Como RestaurantsItalian food is abundant in assortment along with flavor and Lake Como is especially known for its unique cuisine. Polenta is just one of the most famous delicacies as well as fresh fish from the lake, such as lavarello or trout. Heck, you might just run into George Clooney or his girl friend, Stacy Keibler while dining out one day. Children would surely like to get an autograph if you stumbled on a cinema persona while dining there.

At Faggeto Lario, about 10 kms. Far from Como, we found Il pescatore. It had been advertised as Ristorante but in addition Paninoteca (sandwich bar). Many guests opt for the the Paninoteca. Sandwichs were nothing specific, but what was really special was the sight in the veranda. Notable! In the primary floor they have a restaurant and supply many fresh foods and delicacies.

When it comes to old-age charm and picturesque views, there are very few dining places that even come close to Crotto Dei Platani. The culinary art of Crotto provide flavors and special recipes that make the dining experience an exquisite one. In addition to the magnificent views of the lake, it also offers luxury rentals including a tour of Villa Balbianello. You may also like to dine out on their veranda and therefore one can relish the great food while admiring the awe of nature. At Dei Platani, you can also select wine from many special brands chosen by a top sommelier, which are kept in a secret cave in the mountain.

There are not many restaurants that will capture the sophistication of Lake Como along with offering delicious food; Eatery Gatto Nero Cernobbio is one among those few. It’s situated along with a hill that highlights the beauty of the lake in the right manner. The menu boasts of dishes and special recipes that can familiarize you with true Italian taste. Style and ambience of the inner rooms is meticulously resolved and gives a fantastic dining feel. Terrace of the renowned food destination is every bit as appealing. It has decennium crossing history and offers experience that’s unmatched.

Lake Como has no nighttime scene. Everybody is there with somebody, partners of ages and families, but for singles I suppose this is hell. Tons of eateries, piano bars and terraces by the lake but no discoes and drink till you-drop pubs can be found here. The sole night we had on Lake Como we spent it in Tremezzo and we found it to be a silent small place with romantic couples walking the coasts of the lake admiring the views and the scene of lights Bellagio and the encompassing region had to provide.

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  1. TASydney says

    Trattoria del Gesumin

    Travelling solo i find that i’m often put into a corner and am then the last to be served. When i entered this Trattoria i was the first of the evening and was welcomed with a loud BuonaSerra from both the waitress and the proprietress. I was seated at the front of the restaurant and promptly offered water (which is something alot of restaurants seem to overlook). I asked for a glass of red and was given a lovely house wine. I asked if there were any specialties from the chef and the waitress pointed me to the veal or beef. As the beef was served with polenta, and i’d read that was a local dish, i order the beef. OH MY GOODNESS, this was fantastic. At 17Euro, it was reasonably priced and the taste … i had to eat it slowly just to keep that fantastic flavour. I opted for the home-made warm apple cake as a dessert and that didnt disappoint either. I will be going back to this Trattoria as soon as my stomach allows. Also, as i visited in the Winter months, many restaurants are closed, so i am very pleased to say this one remains open. Make a bee-line for via Cinque Giornatte, 44 and give your tastebuds a treat.

  2. Joyce Moore says

    Locanda dell’ Isola Isola Comacina

    Perched high on an island in the middle of Lago di Como, not far from Bellagio, this place is tops for an interesting and adventureous meal. Served family style on long tables, the courses are many and the wine flows as long as you are sitting down. Each course is served with drama and flare, the dining experience considered to be an event.
    There are vegetables (onions baked in their skins you can eat are fabulous), salads (tomato with lemon-buonissimo) several meats, lake fish, pastas, desserts, cheese, flaming coffee! Got to be 20 courses. Lunch is about EU60 and you wont want to eat for days afterwards. A truly fun experience that takes all afternoon!

  3. Paolo says

    Veranda Beach Cafe

    è un piccolo ristorante sulla spiaggia di Pianello del Lario nell’alto lario. Cibo ottimo, gelato artigianale veramente notevole ma soprattutto un’atmosfera accogliente e cordiale.

  4. Anonymous says

    Bellagio: Risorante Barchetta

    The problem with this place is there’s frequently a smell of sewage that collects under the terrace umbrella’s. Off and on its been there for years. Take a smell before you enter as its worse on the terrace.

    Very touristy but good food and service.

  5. Berenike says

    Crotto Piazzaga

    I was with my friend in this nice “Trattoria” with lake view. Just a nice walk ( 30 minetes) from Torno,close to Como.
    The place is really nice and charming, I choose a tagliatelle ( home made pasta ) with boar sauce, my friend a Brasato with Polenta, very tasty! with 1 Liter of house wine, cake and of course cafè we spent 33 ?.

  6. Anonymous says


    you can find it in Carate Urio, a few kilometers from Como and Vill D’este in Cernobbio.

    Wonderful location, just on the lake with a awesome terrace. You can get there by boat and if you have one of your own, you can eat in front of it!!

    Try it!

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